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Danish as an official language in Denmark

Language is way for us to communicate in our day to day way of living; it let us express our feelings towards other person and it reflects our own culture and novelty.Danish is a member of the North Germanic language family or Scandinavian group. The official language of Denmark, which is Danish, is spoken by 5 million people; however, there are some Danish speakers in Greenland, the Faeroe Island, Iceland, and the United States. There are also substantial Danish-speaking communities in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Norway, and Sweden. Like other Scandinavian languages, Danish is derived from Old Norse, and the first half of the 12th century, where it could be distinguished from the parent tongue. It is said that Danish language seems similar to Latin language, in which the alphabet used for writing in Danish is Latin alphabet with the addition of a, o, and a, which come to end of the alphabet.This shows that Danish is the official language in Denmark.

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